Fresh Start- New Beginning is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit orginization based in Scottsdale that serves incarcerated individuals, and their families, throughout the state of Arizona.


According to the Bureau of Justice, 95% of offenders will eventually be released back into neighborhoods around the nation. Two-thirds will be re-arrested within three years for a new crime or for violating the terms of their release.

Federal reports have found that Arizona spends about $20k more anually on each inmate than it does on a student in the state’s school system.

Giving released prisoners the resources, support and confidence to build a better life for themselves will drastically improve the Arizona economy, saving taxpayers millions of dollars, as well as adding to voting and workforce populations.


When CEO and Founder, Leon Mikinka was released from prison in February 2008, he vowed it would be his last. Despite the lack of support or resources made available to him, Leon changed his world for the better. He now dedicates his new life to giving others the second chance they deserve to live clean, productive lives.